Dave Peters Flat Roofing Specialist

Another long term staff member, Dave can boast of 15 years’ experience within the industry with over 10 of these specialising in flat roof solutions for all types of domestic buildings, including heritage work where flat roof sections are very often found between slated and tiled pitched roofs.

“If you approach modern flat roofing techniques as you would any other craft, there is no reason why it should be any less effective than other historical solutions such as those using lead. For example, Rhepanol is an extremely reliable, long lasting and cost effective alternative which can take on the visual effects of lead with raised seams while also being an ecologically friendly material; it’s all about specifying the job and selecting the best approach and materials.”

Dave ensures that the flat roofing solutions are selected to fit the project and he is keen to dismiss any misplaced perceptions based on cheaper and poorly installed solutions. Modern methods and materials now provide a range of cost effective and long lasting solutions. As well as his experience with modern flat roofing techniques, Dave is also an accomplished Leadsmith, so if you would like to find out more about any flat roof solution traditional or modern why not drop him a line at info@southhamsbuilding.co.uk