The Old Barn Roof before...

Original Carpenters Marks

A vast open space to scaffold...

The roof stripped

Slating starts...


Roof remodelled to correct falls

Conservation windows installed

A slated curve

Soldier course to protect

New and old sitting next to each other

Reduced undulations in the finished roof

The finished roof

It’s not often that we get to work on such a well preserved, vast and astoundingly beautiful barn. It had it’s own challenges though, as with any building that has stood for centuries, it settles, moves, and finds it’s own natural place to lay. In turn, when replacing a roof with straight timbers inevitably there are going to be obstacles to overcome…

  • Replacing old heavy timbers with new (still very heavy!) as per the Structural Engineers Recommendations
  • Improving the roof line to reduce undulations, which whilst giving the old barn character were a detriment to it’s structural stability.
  • Inserting a split in the roof line to compensate for the differing levels
  • Slated with best quality Natural Spanish Slates 
  • Adding a soldier course of slates to the verge
  • Adding a slated curve and curving the fascia to match
  • Installing Conservation Roof Windows, with approval from the Local Authority Conservation and Planning Department

Pete Scoble said: This old barn surely has a great story to tell. We hope that in strengthening and restoring the roof we have halted  the deterioration and the owners can now move forward with their plans to give it a new lease of life. Lets hope it will still be standing for the next 400years’