A beautiful riverside property....

Off with the old roof...

Rotten and misaligned dormers

Old lead valleys removed

New batten goes on

New slates go on

..newly formed dormer roofs

..simple, clean lines

Rear of property finished

The finished roof


This property was a pleasure to work on. A beautiful location, right on the River Dart, and using best quality Spanish Lugo slates.

  • Removal of existing slate roof covering
  • Remodel dormer windows to correct splaying ridges
  • Relay lead valleys
  • Fix new Spanish Lugo Slates

Boyd Rogers: “The client has major refurbishment works going on here and the roof just finishes it off perfectly. We found a few areas that needed attention once the old roof had been removed, such as the splaying roof timbers on the ridge of the dormers. These had to be re-aligned in order to be able to lay the new slates in line. Also, we had not envisaged replacing the boarding beneath the lead valleys, but where the lead had failed over the years there had been water ingress and the timbers had rotted. But, all in a days work, the timbers were quickly replaced and new lead laid.”

With a combination of good planning and project management this project was turned around quickly and most importantly to the satisfaction of the client, who commented;

‘The job is first class and your men that did the work were a credit to the company’