A single slipped slate may cause problems if not replaced.

The roof lantern above the main street in Ashburton.

New slate and ridge tiles in place...

with new lead work...

around the base of the roof lantern.

Fresh paint while the scaffolding is in place...

with trickle vents added to allow for ventilation.

The view across the roofs in Ashburton.


For many the town of Ashburton is a gateway to the open expanse of Dartmoor; the town’s very origin is deeply rooted to the extensive tin mining that was carried out across large areas of the moor in years gone by and it’s one of a few towns in South Devon where the ore was tested and stamped for its quality. The town’s architecture to this day reflects the wealth generated through this trade, with many grand buildings and houses – and being on the edge of the moor the weather can take its toll… 

  • A single slipped slate.
  • The repair of a roof lantern.
  • Trickle vents for ventilation.
  • New lead and slate.


The first port of call is to one of the three story houses on West Street, where high up and over the top of the roof, a single slate had slipped; a small event with potentially large consequences if the rain is allowed in for too long.

Pete Scoble: “It’s not uncommon for roof tiles and slates to slip especially when the roof is old and where the original fixings may start to fail; work is often localised to a small area where, for example, an old chimney has been removed, but sometimes it can be just a single slate that has moved in a strong wind and which then slips down. While South Hams Roofing provides new roofs and specialist roof renovation on a large scale, it’s important to us that we also provide a service for the small repairs; if these are left too long or not properly repaired – the damage can spread.”

An example of a larger scale roof repair in Ashburton concerns a roof lantern, high above the main road, which had for some time been letting in rain water while also suffering from persistent condensation due to poor ventilation.

Pete Scoble: “Accessibility is often one the key considerations when surveying a roof feature such as this, not to mention the ongoing access needed for the removal of the old materials prior to repair. Scaffolding is a big consideration for many customers both in terms of positioning and cost, so we have to survey, repair and complete the job as soon as possible, so that the scaffolding is in place for the minimum of time.”

The roof lantern is now repaired: new slates with ridge tiles bedded down on fresh mortar along with new leadwork and trickle vents fitted into the windows to provide for improved air circulation to alleviate condensation.



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