Church Street in Salcombe...

with the old terraced house ready for repair.

The slates show signs of age and weathering.

New battens and new slates...

new render and lead work...

the new roof takes shape.

New slates in place on the main roof...

the dormer with slate on one side...

and glass on the other...

and the skylight in place for more natural light.

New ridge tiles complete the job.

Extensive roof work continues to the rear of the house.

With the north facing dormer...

completely repaired and clad in new slate.


Church Street in Salcombe lies within the residential area tucked away at the top of the town, dominated at the west end of the street by the large Church of Holy Trinity – the church familiar to all who descend into Fore Street. The two story terraced cottages sweep gently down to the East towards the estuary with the old Coastguard cottages on the left and it’s here where the latest roof repair in Salcombe is well under way.  

  • Roofing project in Salcombe Conservation Area
  • Work spans across front and back
  • Repair to all dormer windows
  • Logistical planning need in narrow Salcombe street


Pete Scoble: “South Hams Roofing repairs and maintains many roofs in Salcombe – in fact we carry out roof repairs in Salcombe all the year round. This particular project is pretty straight forward really, we have to remove all the old materials and re-lay new felt, new battens and new slates”

But in this part of Salcombe, with its narrow streets, even the most straight forward projects can pose potential problems, but with many other roofing repairs completed in Salcombe over the years, such as La Tourelle and Island Street, such issues have solutions that are both are well rehearsed and familiar.

Pete Scoble: “There are three areas to think about and plan on a project in this kind of location.


The first is that we are working within a conservation area, so we have to ensure that our approach takes this into account.


The second is that this is a narrow and quiet residential street with terraced houses, so we have to make sure that we keep any noise and disruption to an absolute minimum.


And third, we have to think about the logistics and access; how we plan to remove and transport the old materials as well as taking in and storing new deliveries, which is really all about having good local knowledge with clear communication with South Hams Council.”

The advantage of working with South Hams Roofing is that the skills needed for a comprehensive job, with all the associated planning, are all found in-house and having no subcontractors means centralised project management and total control over all the logistics: the buck starts and stops with South Hams Roofing.

And despite the property’s cottage appearance this is a comprehensive roof renewal of some scale as it spans both the front and back of the house in addition to the large extension.

Pete Scoble: “Roofing in Salcombe is very much part of South Hams Roofing’s portfolio with many projects completed in the heart of Salcombe as well as the surrounding areas – no sooner do we complete one job and we are on to the next…”

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