The Scaffolding..

The new lead roof

Finishing touches

Lead gutter



And after...

New timber and lead structure

Topping it all off

Teignmouth United Reform Church, set on a busy junction with Dawlish Road in Teignmouth is right in the centre of things. Posing it’s own logistical problems South Hams Building Company then had the challenge of scaling the hundred or so feet up the the top of the spire to undertake essential remedial works to the spire, flat roofs, lead gutters and roof slopes. No problem.

  • Re-point masonry at ground level with lime mortar.
  • Replace broken and damaged slates, secretly fixed, with reclaimed Delabole slates.
  • Replace and paint rotten timberwork on the spire
  • Replace leadwork on the spire
  • Prepare and lay a new lead flat roof with lead gutters

Selected by APSE Architects LePage Architects, South Hams Building Company had the necessary skills to undertake all of the above elements to a standard only befitting of such a prominent building.

Pete Scoble said: ‘We are used to working with ecclesiastical buildings and the high standards they require. Applying lime rendering is a skilled art and one that cannot be hurried. Particularly with the cold temperatures we had over the winter we had to pick our moments to carry out this element of the work, as whilst lime mustn’t be allowed to dry out too quickly it also can’t be applied when too cold.  Luckily the sun shone for us when we had the spire work to do!’

The leadwork required on the spire was intricate and detailed but should serve to protect the timber and prevent water ingress for decades to come.

Boyd Rogers said; ‘The scaffolding structure itself was immense, and as builders working on such a project you have to be very aware that the job you do has to see the building through the next 80+ years so whatever you do has to be absolutely right.’