A new thatch means new slates...

New Welsh Purple slates on the lean-to roof

And the porch roof..

An idyllic 14th Century thatched cottage nestled in the quiet outskirts of Torbay requiring re-slating to lower roofs.

  • Slating to be undertaken at the same time as re-thatching so that the two roofs could work together
  • Removing and disposing of existing asbestos slates on part of the roof
  • Sourcing of re-claimed Welsh Purple slates to match the originals
  • New leadwork installed
  • Treating all timbers with wood preservative
  • New insulation
  • Work to satisfy requirements of Grade 2 Listing requirements and Local Planners.

Pete Scoble said; ‘Working on an historic building like this requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. Luckily we have a team of craftsman who are used to these challenges and take them in their stride. Working alongside Tony Jackson, Master Thatcher http://www.thatcherindevon.co.uk is always a pleasure, the two natural roofing materials of thatch and slate complement each other beautifully.’