The House at Wrescombe Farm

Ivy and weather taking their toll

Rot in the timber work

Damage to the slates

Old slates removed...

New felt and battens...

New slates for the roof...

with new and repaired decorative slates.

New fascias...

and new guttering.

This roofing project took place on the Victorian farmhouse at Wrescombe Farm in Yealmpton; a beautiful property with grounds that sweep down to the River Yealm. The use of slate, timber and stone ensures that the property blends in perfectly with the mature gardens and surrounding countryside. 

  • Listed stone built traditional Devon farmhouse.
  • Roof replacement along with fascias and guttering.
  • Bat preservation: paramount.
  • All work completed to highest standards.

It’s important that good planning is in place when taking on a project such as this, not only in the choice of materials and the quality of the work, but the timing is also crucial as all work had to be completed without disturbing the colony of brown long-eared bats along with transient use by the common pipistrelles.

Boyd Rogers: “We were able to remove all the old materials without a hitch; all the old fascias and guttering which were both badly weathered and damaged by the ivy. We also removed all the old turnerised slates; a mixture of hessian and bitumen – and then it was a case of a fresh layer of traditional bitumastic underlay, new battens and natural slates.

Timing is the key consideration in the presence of a bat colony; in this case the work was carried out between December and January so that disturbance during the autumn, spring and summer breeding cycles was avoided. Regular visits from a Licensed Ecologists resulted in the Report which confirmed that all aspects of the Mitigation Strategy had been followed, along with all aspects of the Good Practice Guidelines.

Boyd Rogers: Its really very important not to disturb bats; they are protected and there are strict rules in place. We are very happy to work with the professional ecologists to ensure minimum disruption, but we also take great care to ensure that the correct underlay is used and that access features for the bats are included as part of the plan. With the project signed off we know that the roof not only works to protect the property, but it also provides a secure habitat for the bats.


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