What is it about chimney stacks and chimney pots that evoke those warm and homely emotions where we all welcome autumn as we love to see the smoke of the first home fire curl in the wind as we imagine, from outside, the warmth of the fire within?


Chimney 7179As one of the largest roofing companies in Devon we often find ourselves face to face with chimney stacks which can go for many, many years without close inspection despite taking the brunt of the wind and the rain and the harsh summer sun.

So while we are up there working on the roof we will take a look at your chimneys too as they very often need re-pointing and re-setting in order to keep them safe and secure – and to ensure that they work as they should we will also fit new pots, cowls and bird defenders too.

And when you need a professional chimney sweep why not contact Devon Chimney Sweeps who are trained up to UK industry standards, providing the very latest sweeping technology. Devon Chimney Sweeps are also HETAS approved stove installers too – and they offer all round advice on chimney maintenance.




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