Lead has been used as a roofing material for centuries and not too long ago all craftsmen who worked with this material were known as Plumbers; a direct link to the latin ‘plumbum’ and  hence the notation of Pb in the periodic table…

Lead 7231


So from Roman times through to the building of cathedrals and the thousands of parish churches, lead first laid down many years ago can be seen to have stood the test of time and serves today as a reminder of just how durable and long lasting this metal is when used as a roofing material – and as a completely recyclable material over 95% of ‘new’ lead is reclaimed from that already used over years.


But it is not just the metal alone! In order to work effectively over the years the lead requires the specialist skills and experience of the lead worker – the plumber no less… a person who understands the supporting base below the lead and how to lay and bond the sheets – to curve as flashing and to craft into decorative features such as parapets and domes.


South Hams Roofing prides itself as having such skills as part of the in house team and we are always happy to discuss and share our extensive experience in lead work on both heritage buildings and new build projects.