Lime mortar has been used to bond building materials such as stone and brick for thousands of years, in fact modern day, Portland cement based mortars are comparatively new.

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This means that while it’s easy to obtain everyday building materials including mortar, they may not be compatible with older buildings and walls as they may set harder than the surrounding stone or brick, which can quickly lead to ‘spalling’; the breaking up the wall if it is prevented from the natural micro movements and necessary breathing, which prevents moisture build up and frost damage.


Lime render not only provides a breathable barrier but one which protects due to its flexibility; a solution which is not only technically correct but one which looks good with its soft and curved edging and chalky, matt finish.


As with stone building projects, South Hams Roofing can recommend lime plasterers, but we have the skills and experience within our team to provide the best in lime mortar and lime render in association with all roofing projects.