Wooden shingles have been used all over the world as a long lasting and highly attractive roofing material for hundreds of years with particular popularity in Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe; places with a long tradition of timber production and wooden buildings.

Shingle 7140


But as an aesthetically pleasing material with a soft and natural look there is no reason why shingles should not be considered on any property, particularly those in the more exposed parts of the South Hams around the coast and across Dartmoor as they offer a high degree of resistance to storm force winds.


Cedar shingles not only last many years, but they also offer excellent insulation properties and they are very much a natural and renewable material – they do have a great deal going for them!


So while such roofs may be in the minority if you are considering an extension, replacement or even wall cladding we would be very happy to show you examples of our work and to discuss the benefits of this choice further and of course to answer any questions that you may have.