Think of slate and many of us think of Wales, but the fact is that slate is found all over the world with much now being imported from China, Brazil and Spain – and with such choice care must be taken and we are here to help.


Slate 7185At South Hams Building we match the slate used on nearby buildings with new build projects and we source the original slate when repairing and renovating roofs, often from local quarries with Cornish slate being a fine example of the material used in many historic buildings around the South Hams.


While slate may not be the cheapest material it is worth serious consideration not only because of its enduring and timeless look, but also because of its very high durability and resistance to all types of weather – frost, rain and sunshine…


Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock with high percentages of quartz produced under intense pressure and heat from the sediments of river beds some 400 million years ago during the Devonian period – the only geological time period to be named after a British county which is recognised around the world.


With so much to consider by way of origin, size, thickness and methods of fixing, a simple repair or a re-roofing job can become quite complicated and this is where we can help and where we are happy to give our opinion and advice. You can learn more about some of the slates we use in our slate gallery.