Stone: there is plenty of it around and it’s one of, if not the most long lasting and widely used building materials on the planet. Relics and ruins and ancient buildings can be found around the world – from the great Pyramids some 4000 years old to the even older, but far closer to home Bronze Age settlements on Dartmoor which date back some 5000 years.

Stone 7177


And the hard Dartmoor granite has been used since those times with the building of the Dartmoor and Devon Long House, with many examples of the later inhabited today all across the region.


With such old and historically important buildings it is crucial that any and all stone work is carried out using traditional methods and materials, not only to make the job look good, but also to ensure that modern materials do not upset the balance achieved by older materials and the way that they work best together – read more in our section about Lime…


While South Hams Roofing can recommend builders who specialise in large scale stone building projects we do have the skills and experience to ensure the best quality stone work in association with roofing projects and we are always happy to help you with any questions that you may have.