Pitched & flat

Pitched & flat

With the exception of the arched roof all others have either a pitched or flat component with many properties having a combination of the two. There are many types of roofs such as the Hip, Gable, Mansard and the Gambrel, but the general approach is either flat or pitched in one combination or another.


Pitched and flat 7215Pitched roofs account for a considerable number of domestic and commercial roofs across the South Hams and we offer many years of experience in providing the main timbers, the roofing materials and the associated felts, flashing and fascias.


South Hams Building has expertise around the sourcing and laying of materials including old, new and reclaimed slate, shingles and tiles along with newer materials such as concrete and fibre cement.


While flat roofs are fewer in number as a complete roofing option, flat roof sections are common on many properties both old and new. Again we have considerable expertise in providing the timber work and roofing materials along with associated guttering and drain pipe work.


South Hams Building can provide the skills around historic lead work and more modern materials such as Rhepanol – a solution offering a fantastic level of resilience over many years.